Version: 4.7.8 (8.88MB) - All Windows versions, 32 and 64bits.

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    What's new in 4.78 build 221:

  • Added dns service
  • Added now-dns dns service
  • Added dns service
  • Fixed error message for CloudFlare dns service
  • Fixed Windows version detection
  • Fixed truncated IP during STUN detection
  • Fixed binding not applied for smtp/stun detections
  • Fixed special fields name in dud files
  • Fixed eNom dns service
  • Improved logging in case of winsock errors
  • Improved ipv6 support (fix "Address out of available range" error)
  • What's new in 4.77 build 220:

  • Fix "Not a valid win32 application" error on XP/2003
  • Change email encoding to utf8
  • What's new in 4.77:

  • Added "update account after account updated" feature
  • Added dns service
  • Added dns service
  • Added dns service
  • Added dns service
  • Fix CloudFlare dns service (using api v4)
  • Fix DNSExit dns service
  • Fix Windows2000 support
  • Fix dns service
  • Fix dns service
  • Fix DNSMadeEasy dns service (ssl error)
  • Update OpenSSL to version 1.02j
  • Added support for http "Transfer-Encoding:chunked"
  • Improved email addresses parsing
  • Redesign modules linkage (crt dlls not required anymore)
  • Fix a crash when deleting multiple URLs in IP detection page
  • Fix various memory leaks (mainly when closing OpenSSL)
  • What's new in 4.76:

  • Fix engine crashing bug introduced in 4.7.5
  • Continue to improve ipv6 support.
  • Update DNSMadeEasy service to latest specifications.
  • Fix xor ip detection in STUN protocol.
  • Update URL list for IP detection.
  • Add multi-selection in URL list (IP Detection page).
  • Fix URL list upgrade (entries are not re-enabled by default).
  • Fix issue where IPDetection could be stuck until engine restart.
  • What's new in 4.75:

  • Fix IP detection when using part 1 (ip/domain name)
  • Fix dns service.
  • Fix dns service.
  • Fix eNom dns service
  • Fix sending email with non ansi characters in the subject
  • Added dns service.
  • Added custom/vanilia dns service.
  • Fix crash when pressing ? button in title bar.
  • Fix ZoneEdit dns service.
  • Added Gozoom dns service.
  • Added all-inkl dns service.
  • Added filter.txt support, to remove unwanted dns service at sartup.
  • Improved debug logging.
  • Fix win2000 support
  • Added Google Domains service
  • Added DuckDNS service
  • Added service
  • Fix Cloudflare service
  • Fix no-ip service

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